Sibling Love: Month 7


With less and less guided direction I’ve watched the bond between Lil’ Abner and her brother grow.

For now, we are at place of mutual adoration. I don’t have to be as concerned with Wyndham poking Abby’s eyes out, our pushing her over, or whipping things at her head.

This is a good thing.

He’s always been tuned in to her needs, it’s been lovely to watch him develop into responding to those needs with an understanding compassion and reaction – beyond his years.

They play together! They actually play together! For now, they are best buds. I know this may change with the years, but for now, sibling rivalry has yet to rear it’s woe-begotten head. A typical day in the life of Abby with her bro, after the jump!

  • Early Mornings 1 of 8
    Early Mornings
    Make for testy specimens. Adorable, perturbed specimens.
  • Making His Move 2 of 8
    Making His Move
    Always quick to soothe his sister, unfortunately she isn't always in to it.
  • Playtime 3 of 8
    We're in a stage where Wyndham plays quite nicely with his sister, sharing and giving her toys to play with. A stage up from launching them at warp speed in her general direction.
  • No Words 4 of 8
    No Words
    This. Just this.
  • In For The Kill 5 of 8
    In For The Kill
    #Hollaatchababe! He's GOT this.
  • Completely Oblivious 6 of 8
    Completely Oblivious
    Her lego is far more interesting than her brother's multiple attempts at a cuddle-fest.
  • Deep Thoughts 7 of 8
    Deep Thoughts
    On lego, stacking cups and snack-time. It's a baby/toddler thing.
  • Mouth Obsession 8 of 8
    Mouth Obsession
    Age difference doesn't matter. It's into the mouth objects often go. What is this fascination the have with putting things into their mouths?

Do you have baby/toddler siblings close in age? Has it been difficult or magical? In other words – what can I expect?

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