Simple Ways to Feed Your Baby's Soul



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Raising this new, tiny human in our life is such a gift. And making sure that we take the time to feed their little soul is so important. I have been such a different mom the second and third time around. Being a first time mom can be so hard; I was nervous and so worried all the time. I didn’t want to share him and was listening to everyone’s opinions and everyone’s ideas of how to be a mom and a family. I carried the weight of it all at the beginning.

I figured it out though.

I figured out that mamas know best and that every child is different. I figured out that it is okay to be confident in those decisions and it’s okay to love your baby so much it hurts.
The second and third time have been more quiet and less anxious. I have had time to soak it in and focus all my attentions on feeding these sweet souls. Taking the time to relax and appreciate these moments and this sweet little person is so important!

I’ve put together a simple list of ways  you can take a few moments and feed your little one’s love tank!

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