Sit Down Son

sit down son
Sit down son!

What in the world?! I promise you this is NOT a trick that I taught my boy.

Last week, Zeke woke me up screaming. I ran across the way to his room, opened the door and then found myself screaming.


Apparently this new found trick of his freaked him out. His little legs locked and shaking as he holds on to the crib bars and looking at me with this, what in the world is going on MOM? look – this mom wants to cry. 

Yes, Zeke is now 9 months old. Yes, this is totally typical of 9 months old. But no, I don’t care for my kid to be normal, nor grow up.  This is our last baby and I am going to enjoy each and every moment. Except, these moments make me realize that time is flying by and soon he will be walking. Then before I know it, packing his bags and moving out.

WAH. Color me emotional. I need to just put on my mom panties (don’t you LOVE that visual, me neither) – and grow up. Babies grow up. It’s all part of the j-o-b. *sigh*

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