Sitting Up... Already? I'm In Trouble! [Video]


Addie has a new trick to add to her list of recent accomplishments which are going to send me right over the edge…

She is now sitting up, or at least trying her hardest to stay in a sitting up type position once I lightly assist her. Because seriously she doesn’t really need help.

She must have abs of steel from all the little baby crunches she does on a daily basis.

While I am happy she is making milestones, especially after the delays our middle son had but… um she is ONLY four months old… she isn’t supposed to be sitting up and doing all these crazy things.

What is next?  Crawling at 6 months old.  Yup… knowing my luck she will be.  I wanted to savor the baby stage, and she is going to try and grow herself up as fast as she can!   I secretly think she is just desperate to keep up with her brothers.   She watches them all day and wants to get up and go with them.  I mean come on!  They look fun!

Now for the video!

How cute was that?

Every time I see her little videos, my heart melts. It really does!

So how long do you give it before she is up and running on her own?