Six Month Checkup: All Good!

Abby Sitting Up
She's sitting up, by the way!

I mentioned Abby’s half-birthday, and you know what that means she also had her six-month checkup. One of the things we love about our ped is the way he encourages us to bring the kids in even when they don’t have appointments, just so they get used to him and the office. So I brought them both in, so Penny could “help.”

We got there and weighed Abby in: 16 pounds 12 ounces, and 25 ½ inches long. That puts her a little heavier than she is tall, but the doctor says she looks great and is probably saving up for a growth spurt. I mentioned that she’s been nursing a lot more often lately, and my husband thought maybe it meant teeth were coming, but he said nah, we won’t be seeing a new tooth for another month at least they’re there, but not there-there.

(Note: I noticed later that, indeed, a tooth is poking through, so my husband isn’t crazy. Or not for that reason.)

He asked about solid food, and I admitted I’ve been lazy about it. Abby likes it, but I generally don’t want to bother because I’ve got so much else going on and the boob is so easy. He said that’s fine, but now’s the time to get her on one meal a day, so she can get ready for when she really needs it. “Once she has some solids, she might slow down on the breastfeeding because she’ll be more full,” he said. “By her next checkup, I want to hear a long list of the different foods she’s tried, and a short list of her favorites.”

I asked about what to mix with cereal. As I’ve mentioned, after my experience with Penny in the NICU and then having to work when she was small, I associate the pump with misery and desperation, and I WILL NOT USE IT! So I was mixing the cereal with formula, and that just sucked. He said, so? Mix it with water, what’s the big deal? I worried that it wouldn’t be nutritious, and he said feh, it’s purely recreational at this age. She’s clearly not undernourished, so. Phew. I hate the smell of formula.

She impressed him with her sitting-up ability. She had gook in one of her eyes again, and he asked if I had been doing the little exercise he taught me last time, where I push her tear duct to keep it clear. I admitted that I hadn’t been doing it much, but that her eye had been totally clear before she got the cold she just got over. So okay, the cold made it flare up, and I have to start doing it once a day again. The tubes are small and if they aren’t kept clear she might, eventually, need surgery. Ack! Cutting nails now so I can do the eye-squeeze thing without doing the eye-poke thing.

Her ears produce a little more wax than most, so I am supposed to use an old Tylenol dropper to squeeze 2-3 drops of cooking oil in her ear at bedtime, switching off each night. This will keep the wax from building up, and will also get her used to having her ears examined. Well. I was supposed to do this with Penny and never did, so… urg. Let’s see if I do it this time.

Finally, we checked Penny’s ears to be sure her ear infection was gone, first checking her “baby’s” ears with her little light-up ear-checker from the medical kid her dad got her. She got the all-clear, so no more pink medicine! (which is actually sad! She loved both the medicine and the sticker chart!)

We did the first half of the flu shot, since she just got old enough to do it, and Prevnar. We’ll do the other half and Hep B in a month.

That’s all!

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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