Six Months and Standing Up!

Climbing on everything!

These days it feels like one milestone after another.  Cullen is right at that age where suddenly he’s gone from a wiggly worm on the floor, to a scooting, climbing little boy.  It feels like it happened overnight!

He’s up and crawling on his knees full time now – the army crawl is so two weeks ago.  But it seems like just as soon as he’s mastered a new skill, he is already working on what’s next.  A few weeks ago it was sitting, which turned into crawling.  Now the new trick is pulling up on eveeeeeerything.

This weekend I looked into the baby monitor and had quite a scare!

Cullen was standing up in his crib!  I went flying up the steps to his room and immediately started calling for my husband to bring the toolbox.  Cullen and I sat on the floor and watched while dad lowered his crib to the final bottom level.  Sniff.

I knew it was only a matter of time before he did all these things, but I’m still so surprised that it’s happening so quickly.  It really does feel like he “grew up” overnight.  Yesterday I looked into his room and found him standing up holding onto his diaper pail.  Watch out world!

While part of me feels a little nostalgic for his itty bitty newborn days, I have to admit that I’m finding him more and more fun each day.  I love seeing what he will do next!

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