Six Months: The Deets



Birth: 7lb 8oz
6 Months: 18lb 14oz


Birth: 21 1/4″
6 Months: 26″

Acquired Skills

You have matured so much this month! You started sitting up in the high chair and even tried a few solids! You don’t seem to have much interest in crawling yet, but you sure are a pro at scooting backwards. You have recently started to make what your Dad and I refer to as the stink face whenever you are mad about something (it looks like this.)


Spaghetti squash, the moby, sitting up, anything that crinkles, and everything made of paper. Peekaboo is definitely the game of choice around here. Most the time you laugh when we say “boo” whether we hide our faces or not! You love bath time, especially since you learned how to splash. You still love your changing table, and are happy to hang out there longer than most other places.


You don’t like getting dressed if it is going to take more than 30 seconds. You hate being at an incline, and spend all of your time in the car seat and stroller trying to maintain an upright position.

4 months
5 months

PS – I shamelessly stole this post style from E at e-tells-tales.

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