Sleep Equals Smart?

Albert Einstein
Did Einstein Sleep?

Recently, on Strollerderby, this post appeared on how babies who sleep well are smarter. Being someone who has been through the ringer with sleep, reading something like this annoys me greatly. Telling moms that if their babies sleep well they will be smarter is the same thing as saying: If your baby doesn’t sleep well, he/she is going to be kind of a dumbass.

Now that I’ve had two babies, one of whom is a better sleeper than the other, I know for sure what I had suspected, and what everyone told me…We have limited control over how our babies sleep. I read book after book on sleep and was unable to get my child to stop waking up at night. He STILL wakes up at least once on most nights.

Fuzz wakes up too, but he goes back to sleep with relative ease. His tired signs are much more clear to me. Whether that’s because I’m a veteran parent or because he’s just easier to read, I have no idea. Maybe it’s a little of both. If I had Shnook second and Fuzzball first, the jury is out over whether or not Shnook would be a better sleeper.

What makes me so angry about this is that Shnook is well…pretty advanced for his age. I mean, we all say that about our kids, right? But really, most people are very surprised when they talk to him and he speaks in full sentences, with (mostly) correct verb tenses, articles, prepositions, and conjunctions at two point four. They can’t believe he has full letter recognition of both capitals and lowercase letters or knows the difference between a steam, a diesel and a subway train. He is certainly able to make thought-out decisions and control impulses and could probably have done that sticker task with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back. I could go on, but then it would seem like bragging. 😉

So, if my son is impaired by his lack of sleep, I’d love to see what his brain could do were he as well rested as those other babies. Hmph.

Photo Credit: mansionwb/Flickr