Sleep Experts Can Shove It


After reading this Babble piece on not needing to listen to sleep experts, I had to agree.

There was a time that I thought Tate was a master sleeper. Early on in his little life, he was sleeping like a rock star. He napped anywhere and everywhere, and slept 6 or 7 hours in a row for the first few months of his life. It wasn’t until we moved to Texas that his sleeping patterns took a proverbial beating (and so did mine).

With almost no warning, I was getting up three, four or five times in a night. It felt like I was thrown back into the early days of having a baby. At this point, co-sleeping became a very important part of our coping mechanism. In order for me to get any sort of peace at night, it was best to have Tate in bed with us to nurse as he woke.

His nap schedules have gotten spotty and difficult, and for my own sanity, I have had to accept it. Tate is not a great sleeper, except on the days that he is. But I can not expect him to start sleeping better, or to nap on his own out of the blue, or I would be ending each day in utter disappointment.

I don’t feel comfortable with sleep training, and have decided that this is part of Tate’s babyhood. He’s so good at everything else, it’s ok that sleeping isn’t his forte.

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