Sleep Report From Last Night


alarm clockI decided not to nurse Fuzz every single time he woke up and to see if he’d just go back to bed without any additional help from me. He went to bed around 7:15pm and seriously, he woke up every 40 minutes, (which is one baby sleep cycle) for the first 3 hours. I finally nursed him around 10:30 or so and then he went back to sleep in the crib until 1am. During this time I woke up so many times flabbergasted that he was still asleep.
When he woke up at 1am, I decided to bring him into the bed, mostly because I had this strange paranoia that it was freezing cold in his crib since it’s right next to the window. Even still, in the bed, he slept a lot better last night. Only waking up a couple of more times to nurse for two minutes, when normally it’s at least a half dozen. I woke up feeling almost rested. It was great.
Interestingly, today, his naps completely sucked. He took four or five short naps. Two in the crib, and two on the go since he wouldn’t sleep long in the crib.
I think I may try the pacifier tonight if he gets up a million. Will report back. I will say this, he’s starting to understand the crib thing, even if he still cries when I put him down.