Sleeping Victory


I whine a lot about how tired I am. As a woman who loves her sleep, the lack of it that accompanies parenthood seems especially hard to bare.

But, I have to admit last night was one of the best nights of sleep I have had in weeks months. Tate had a very disrupted nap schedule yesterday and I was bracing myself for a terrible night of sleep. I put him down at least 2 hours early in the hopes that he could make up for his napless, cranky afternoon. He went down with little fuss and to everyone’s amazement (and by everyone, I mean mine and my husband’s), he stayed down.

He slept for, count ’em, 13 glorious hours and only woke to eat a few times (each without so much as a whine or a wimper). Now this is a sleep schedule I can get used to!

How is your little one’s sleep schedule? Still exhausted or have they figured it out?

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