Sneeze on the Baby and I'll Sell You


September marks the first cold of the year brought home by the six year old from her petri dish of a school first grade. The six year old LIVES for hugging, kissing and touching the almost four month old so today when she crawled into my bed with a fever and stuffy nose? We had a talk about what it means to be sick with a baby around.

Y’all? Keeping a sister lover like Addie away from her baby? Is like keeping goats away from, stuff goats really like.

“You can’t kiss her face, okay?”


“You can’t touch her hands or feet without washing yours first either, okay?”


“Cough into your elbow?”


First thing that happens when I bring the baby downstairs? FACE IN HER FACE KISSES ON HER FACE HANDS ON HER HANDS.

I mean, sheesh. Most of my friends all have more than one kid, and if I’ve learned one thing it’s that when one gets sick? They ALL get sick.

Just not at the same time.

Unless it’s vomit.

Then everyone gets it including you, leaving you wishing that you had run off years ago with that smarmy guy that used to sell fake butter.

It’s really not that big of deal. Have to buck up the immune system sometime don’t we?

But is it true, when one gets sick it’s all downhill from there?


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