Snot Sucker Extraordinaire

letter P Nosefrida
P is for "Please go away, snots."

Remember back in the days when I was an amateur? Now that I’ve acquired the fabulous Nosefrida (thanks to awesome reader recommendations), and my baby continues to have copious amounts of snot (thanks to his big brother), I have become quite adept at mucous extraction.

On the other hand, Fuzzball has become exceptionally good at seizing the tube out of my hand. He is remarkably strong and able to flip his head back and forth expeditiously. He is a formidable opponent in the snot-sucking war.

Poor Fuzz, and poor Shnook too. These two are both rife with snots and the older guy has a fever and cough too. I’m hoping to avoid passing those symptoms along to the Fuzz. However,  it’s probably futile especially since now it looks like Shnook’s favorite toy is the Nosefrida. Every time I turn around, he’s holding it.

When I try to remove it from his germ infested hands, he says “Look, Mommy! I made a circle!” Or “Look, it’s the letter ‘P!'” (as pictured). I keep trying to hide it but then I can never find it when I need it.  So, I end up leaving it wherever I washed it (or worse, used it) and somehow he always finds it (darn that IKEA stool)!
We’re waiting for the shit to hit the fan—i.e. for the adults to get sick too. That will be the worst. Taking care of a sick kid is truly terrible, but when Mom and Dad are sick too, that’s really the pits. That’s when Mitzi’s Mom called in Grandma. Too bad ours lives in New York, too.

Anyway, off to drink some Emergen-C. Hope for the best.

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