So I Started Using Cloth Diapers.

Seriously, today. Started. First cloth diaper used, ever in my life. I told twitter about this big leap and ended up admitting that I’m a little scared, which is why I’ve waited until almost 4 months to start. The good news is that several people admitted that they haven’t started because they’re scared too, so I volunteered to be the cloth diaper guinea pig. Why did I decide to start cloth diapering? A bunch of different reasons, but I still have a few reservations.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

First of all the reasons I wanted to cloth diaper.

A) Money. Of course. I’m pretty sure this is the motivating factor behind many people making the decision to cloth diaper. I bought Costco-sized boxes of diapers before Vivi was born so I wouldn’t have to buy them once she was born. As I hemmed and hawed over the initial investment of cloth diapers I did the math, 6 boxes of diapers from Costco that will last *maybe* a year at $45/box? I returned (most of) the disposables and invested in cloth.

B) Environment. This is the probably tied with money as a top reason people cloth diaper. Again, looking at those Costco sized boxes, all of those are going to be thrown away. And then more. Over the next three years. Plus wipes. There is certainly an argument to be made about the water used to wash cloth diapers (considering they require two wash cycles) but I have a fantastic energy efficient washer and dryer and I use biodegradable, completely natural detergents as well so it’s not as much of an issue.

C) They’re really cute. I know, this shouldn’t really matter. But those chubby little thighs are so much more nommable in a cloth diaper than a disposable. Not to mention they look a lot better poking out of a onesie. And if it’s super hot? Cloth diapers can totally stand in for legit clothing.

D) Since breastfeeding didn’t work out and my husband isn’t down with co-sleeping? I decided to make up for it through babywearing and cloth diapering. So there.

And my fears?

A) The poop. *deep breath* I have someone else’s poop on me a few times a week and I’ve survived. Of all the things I’ve researched the most? It’s how to handle poop in cloth diapers. There will be posts about poop. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

B) Keeping up with the laundry/smell. Again, I’ve done an awful lot of research and I think I’ve found what will work. If not? I have a backup plan. As far as laundry? I have faith in my magical washer and dryer to keep up and make the process much easier.

C) My darling husband. Poor guy has PTSD about cloth diapers from his little sisters. He has fears of the smell, the poop and the washer being contaminated FOREVER. I keep promising him that things have changed and gotten much better in the last 26 years. I take care of most of the diapering anyway so I don’t feel that bad.

Day one down (confession, I waited until after she pooped to try them out.) At least seven disposable diapers saved. Here’s to tomorrow!

Any advice from you experienced cloth diaper users? I’ll take anything I can get.

Cloth Diaper Dilemma: Are environmentally-friendly nappies worth the trouble?

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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