So Long, Farewell...But Really Just See You Later


So Long...FarewellI sort of wanted to find some lederhosen to dress Fern up in for the lead photo in this post (a’la the Von Trapp children), but I exercised some restraint…mostly because I figure my husband would flip out if I spent a small fortune on mini lederhosen to be shipped from Germany – though it would’ve been totally hilarious and awesome and probably worth the cost. But, I digress.

The time has come my friends. I’ve had a good run here at Baby’s First Year, but as I am being reminded constantly, I now have a one-year-old…a toddler. I can scarcely believe it, but ’tis true, ’tis true. I will be moving on from Baby’s First Year, but it’s not like I’ll be gone and lost forever or anything – I’ll just be blogging at Babble Toddler now. The URL where you can find me will still be the same, but my posts will now focus more on toddler things.

Despite these slight changes, you can rest assured that you will still be getting lots of mom tips, mini and mom fashion advice, hippie remedies and a good dose of honesty when it comes to motherhood. Thank you all for all of your advice and encouragement as I stumbled through my first year of parenthood. Lord knows I couldn’t have done it on my own. You have all been so wonderful.

I do hope that you’ll continue to follow along on my journey of motherhood and Fern’s journey into toddlerhood. If you don’t already, you can bookmark my blog posts or keep up with me via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – and now on Vine (@TheLittleThingsWeDo). Don’t be a stranger – be a friend!

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