Solid, Dude!


Though I haven’t had much success convincing el Huckarooney to love the solids with his everlasting life just yet, we’ve made much progress with the gloopy stuff lately. Though sometimes it feels like an exercise in face painting a la Matisse. What does that even mean? Why Matisse? These are good questions.

In a reversal of life as I know it, my boy seems to have a fierce hunger for green vegetables, the ickier the better. Peas? Yes. Green beans and rice? YES! Avocado scooped straight from the shell and mashed just a bit? Sure, why not?

Bananas and pears however are the rudest. Clamped lips, head jerking away, chubby fists yanking at the dogs’ ears . . . but fruits are supposed to be the easiest, I thought?

I started to think maybe Huck was missing the ever-important Sweet Tooth Gene (are we sure this kid is mine? cause this boob juice I’m feeding him is made up of 50% Kit Kat and 50% Nutella, so . . .) until I absentmindedly handed him a Twizzler to gnaw on while I cleaned up the living room. I have not seen a kid so excited to put things in his mouth since INSERT WITTY JOKE HERE.

That’s all I got tonight, folks. Have some cute pictures of my kid!