Somebody Loves Himself!

As you can see, taking self portraits is serious business!

Wolf is almost 7 weeks old and he’s been so much fun lately.  He’s finally out of that newborn haze and he’s starting to develop new skills.  He’s beginning to track things, he’s cooing all the time and smiles are so frequent you’d think he knew a secret!  But one of my favorite new things that Wolf is experiencing is his own reflection.

The first time it happened, I held Wolf up to the mirror and said “Who’s that baby?”  Little did I know that he’d actually see himself!  Regardless if he knows that it’s him or not, he still stared right at his little face in the mirror and continued to watch it when I moved him around.  Plus, the other night I took a video of him on my phone and he stared at himself the entire time.  So cute.

It really gets me excited for other skills yet to be learned!  I’m anxiously awaiting that first giggle.

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