Someone Found His Thumb

Little Bean Sucking His Thumb

I’m not here to host a conversation about the negatives/positives of thumb sucking. In my experience, it’s not a big deal. My firstborn sucked his two forefingers starting around 2-3 months. He didn’t do it obsessively, and I didn’t make a big deal about it. Actually, I found it to be a fantastic way for him to communicate his need for sleep. As soon as he started sucking, I’d put him in the crib and he’d go right down for a nap.

Little Bean seems to be following a similar path. These pictures were taken during tummy time on the floor gym. He just decided to put his head down and search for his fingers. He fell asleep a few minutes later.

Tummy Time Goofiness

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky with the goofy 6 year-old. He still needed some of my attention. 😉

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