Spend the Morning with a 3 Month Old: Little Bean's Photo Journal


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Little Bean and I thought we’d invite you to join us this morning.

We’ve had a great day so far and it’s only 10AM!

It all started around…

  • 7 AM-ish – Good Morning! 1 of 8
    7 AM-ish - Good Morning!
    After a STELLAR night of sleep Little Bean wakes up happy and refreshed. We get changed, nurse and hang out for a minute.
  • A Little Floor Time With Daddy 2 of 8
    A Little Floor Time With Daddy
    while mom takes shower and gets ready for the day.
  • Breakfast with Big Brother 3 of 8
    Breakfast with Big Brother
    How sweet is that?!
  • Car Seat Time! 4 of 8
    Car Seat Time!
    We have to take Big Brother to camp.
  • Short Doze 5 of 8
    Short Doze
    Camp is 1/2 hour away. He just couldn't quite make it.
  • Tummy Time Attempt 6 of 8
    Tummy Time Attempt
    Someone may be too tired already.
  • Maybe a Toy Will Help? 7 of 8
    Maybe a Toy Will Help?
    It does for about 3 minutes until he got fussy.
  • 9 AM-ish It’s Nap Time 8 of 8
    9 AM-ish It's Nap Time
    Since Tummy Time wasn't working we tried the Bumbo. No chance. Little Bean had enough, it was time for nap. He's now peacefully sleeping in his crib after a short nursing session.

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