Squishy Baby Cheeks


So yesterday Meredith shared a picture of her adorable daughter Peony, daring our readers to click, to see an even more adorable picture of her.

Ah, the simple delights of parenthood and bringing joy to those who love them some baby cute.

It really was (is), adorbz. Go on, check it out. A more darling little girl, you never did see. Well, except for maybe mine.

Today, I can’t help but hop on the bandwagon. Because what you are going to discover after the jump is pure and absolute ridiculousness.

Not only is the picture cute, but hilarious. Honest. You probably won’t be able to resist the urge to make one (a baby), yourself if you haven’t already. Or something.

You’ll chuckle, I don’t care how badass you think you are.  Go on now, have a peek. Take a gander. I dare you to not grin.

Your Caption Here

Now all that’s left is a suitable caption. The options are endless. Weigh in on the comments and give us your best!

Top Image Credit: The Skeptical Mother

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