Confession - I Stalk My Baby While He Sleeps

I stalk my baby while he sleeps.
I stalk my baby while he sleeps.

Call me paranoid or call me a stalker. Whatever I am, I have a problem.

I stare at my baby while he sleeps.

I don’t know if it’s some underlying fear that he’s not breathing or if it’s just my love for the sweetness of a calm sleeping child. It’s weird. It’s compulsive. I can’t help it!Zeke started sleeping in his crib regularly a few weeks ago. This means there is about 50 feet from the location in which he previously slept, which was my arms. Since sleeping on his own, his nights have gone from 8 solid hours to 10 hours. This is just too much time for me not to stare and stalk.

I am sure my issue with staring at him weirds him out. He occasionally wakes up and sees me and smiles. But I am sure he is thinking “Why is she watching me sleep?!”.

Sorry kid. You are my baby. I love you soo much, that I have to be a freak about watching you sleep.

Please Confess. Do You Stalk At Your Baby When He Sleeps?


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