Starting Solid Foods: Cereal?

Benjamin our Middle Son & Solids

Every child I have birthed… the food recommendations are different, I swear. With my oldest it was ok to start cereal at 3 months, and we were able to do things like YoBaby Yogurt before 6 months.  Now cereal is 4+ months, and the yogurt is 9 months.   WOW!

Maybe it is the difference in pediatricians as well. With our oldest we didn’t have the best pediatrician out there, now we have an awesome one who we have been with for over two years.   Talk about being happy I found her!

As the days go on Addie seems like she is getting so much more hungry. She is wanting to nurse longer, on both sides instead of block feeding on one side like usual, and longer.   She is also trying to down anything the boys, or we have during the day. She is eying everything that looks delicious, or colorful of course.

But now I am torn.  Do I actually do cereal with her?  With our middle son he wasn’t interested in solids any time early so we skipped cereal altogether and just went to veggies when he was around 7 months old. Which was when he showed interest. I know we won’t do any veggies, or other solids until she is at least 6+ months old… but should I give the cereal a try when she makes it to the 4 month mark?

What has your experience been with solids, and cereal?

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