The World of Cloth Diapering According to Casey

7 months ago I met a couple of lovely ladies in San Diego who just happened to work for a cloth diaper company. I told them it was something I wanted to try but wasn’t so sure about and it all seemed so overwhelming with the lingo! and the vernacular! and the ELEVEN THOUSAND DIFFERENT KINDS OF DIAPERS. I told them if I could just feel them, just to get an idea as to what they’re all about I’d understand better.


They pulled out four cloth diapers from their handbags, threw them across the table at me and said “What do you need to know?”

It may sound silly, but just being able to see them, see where the poo goes, where the pee goes and how they go on, it just made so much more sense than looking at them online or reading about them from others. When people try to ask me what kind of camera to buy I tell them to go to the store and feel the different cameras in their hand, once they decide on what feels better, then I can help them. (Assuming it’s a Canon, Nikons are like sleeping with another man to me.)

If you’re considering cloth, try to find a cloth diaper store near you, even some baby stores carry a few different cloth diapers. Feel them, mess with them, see how they work. Everyone who cloth diapers will have different opinions on what kind to use, how to store them and how to wash them. In a way they’re almost like your baby, you just have to keep trying things until you find what works. Here’s what ended up working for me…

  • I didn’t start using cloth diapers until 4 months. The thought of using them before then seemed overwhelming and daunting, especially on a newborn. Second time around? I could totally cloth diaper from day one. First time? I was a little diaper shy.
  • We still use disposables on occasion. My husband is becoming more comfortable with cloth but he’s not all the way there.
  • I have yet to find a reliable overnight solution. I’m working up my nerves to try wool covers. She just pees SO. DARN. MUCH. and all at once, it’s hard to find something that can handle her torrential piddles. (That being said, Rumparooz have proven to be the best at handling her heavy wetting during naps.)
  • As far as the reason I use cloth diapers… 10% is the environment, 10% is the savings, 10% is not having to worry about buying diapers all the time, 40% is the health of Vivi and 30% is because they’re SO CUTE.
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  • I use flushable liners for poo. I’m not sure I could handle much any other way (sprayer, swishing in the toilet, etc.)
  • I like All-in-One (AIO) diapers. My personal favorite is the BumGenius Freetime. They’re more expensive which kind of negates the savings but they’re easier to use (especially for people like Cody and my parents.)

Am I doing it right? I don’t know, but I’m doing it.

I’ve been sad to see that while the cloth diapering community is wildly supportive, there’s also some meanies out there that bully moms who don’t cloth diaper the way they feel cloth diapering should be done.

Just like I’m your boobs biggest fan? I’m also a big fan of your baby’s butt, and if you want to swathe it in cloth? I’m 100% behind you.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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