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Are you an app addict? Let me be the first to confess. It’s a sickness really. But the good kind, reminiscent of that which garners you breakfast in bed, endless cups of hot tea, baths drawn for you by candle-light, a fine human specimen to massage you and take care of your every whim.

You know the kind of sickness that doesn’t really exist because being sick is never really as lovely as all of that. But collecting apps? Is as stellar as all of that. I love me some apps. Especially games. Quality games. I love collecting baby app games and toddler app games and books. Almost as much as my littles enjoy playing them.

Yes, even Lil’ Abner has gotten her iPhone on. And you can’t stop us. Of course it’s all in moderation, yes – yes. Apps are magic I tell you. Thus far they have saved me from nothing short of a burning building, hostile toddler take-over and feeding frenzies. Hallelujah, praise the Creator and Amen for all that is app-worthy.

So. Now that it’s clear where I stand on the subject of iPhones/Androids, iPads/tablets, etc. and letting my littles play on them, I can get to sharing the goods with the rest of you that do. Subscribe to their heavenly trance like connection making abilities that is. And hey! They’re learning too! Just had throw that in there.

With Dr.Seuss’ Lorax hitting theaters this Friday, you can bet that the trends and the technological lands of geekery are all a-glow. I mean, its Seuss people. Made into a movie. I need not explain the awesome factor here. I know not one person who does not have the upmost respect and adoration for all things Seuss. The track record thus far, for some of Seuss’ books being made into movies is shiny and golden, so you know The Lorax shall produce.

After meeting the Lorax himself this past weekend at Blissdom, I’d have to say I’m definitely smitten. He’s not as short in real life than I’d imagined.

Like any good bad mom, nerd, gamer I have swiftly downloaded any and all Lorax apps I could find. We already had the virtual book so naturally I had to get all official. With Truffula Shuffula, one can create bright clsuters of colourful objects that match. 3 or more. Another confession? It’s not just my toddler who likes it. (((Points to self.)))

Then there’s The Offical Lorax App. Pure tom foolery, just the way I like it. Stache your photos. Or hold the phone to your mouth and the moustashio will waggle to the sound of your voice. Good times.

Hook them up (links below), and win all the prizes for best Mommy.

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

The Offical Lorax App
Truffula Shuffula

Android User? Have no fear, The Lorax doesn’t discriminate…

The Offical Lorax App
Truffula Shuffula

Don’t forget to hit the big screen, that will issue you the biggest, most best Mommy award of all! Plus, you’ll like it too, so there. I hear they have chocolate and popcorn.

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