Summer Infant Monitor Winner!

Yay for safety!

Since September is baby safety month, summer infant decided to do a review and giveaway of a baby popular baby monitor.  For most parents they are must haves and while I wasn’t a huge fan in the past, now with three kids, three and under it was a must have.

And it has almost turned into that third set of arms I need to manage all of the children in the house.  I wouldn’t trade my video monitor in for anything!   I can’t tell you how easy it has made life!

I am really excited to announce the winner too!

I can only hope that our grand prize winner loves the monitor as much as I have!

Congratulations to:


Her comment:

My husband just lost his job and we had to move back in with my parents. Our bedroom is on the third floor while the baby’s room will be on the second. It would be a HUGE weight off my shoulders to be able to keep an eye on the little one at night and at nap time. She will be in with us for the first few months, but after that I have to come up with something. (btw, he got a job offer today and while he will be taking it, it’ll be a while until we get back on our feet )

Is the winning entry!

Congratulations again, and Bridget expect an email from me today!

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