Taking Photos of Baby: Tip #1


I’m a pro at taking photos. No really, I am. It’s what I do for a living. I also teach others how to take photos, too! (Click here for more info.) As I have been taking more and more impromptu photos now that I have a newborn, I’ve noticed some great household objects that can make better pictures. I’d love to share some tips with you on how to make even prettier pictures.

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Tip #1: Create soft light.

I love love love window light where direct sun is NOT pouring in. (Ex. If you are shooting in the morning, find west facing windows…) Place your baby so the window is to baby’s side. If you take a picture here, you’ll notice one side of the face will have more intense shadows. (See “Before” example below.) If you don’t like this, grab a white pillow and place it next to baby on the shadow side. Et voila! Shadows are gone. (See “After” example below.)  Would you like to learn more tips/tricks? Please comment below!



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