Tate is Two Months Old [A Slideshow]


Tate is growing so fast, I just can’t believe it has already been two months since he was born.

Last week, we went to the doctor for his two-month check up. Tate has grown from his 7lb 8oz birth weight to a whopping 11lb 10oz. He has also grown from 21″ to 23 1/4″. He has the cutest little round cheeks and adorable rolls on his thighs. I can’t help but kiss his little chubby little body every chance I get.

Here are a  few of my favorite things about Tate right now:

His hands are always fisted.
He loves looking up at everything and anything.
He has recently discovered his hands and often sucks on them.
He loves standing up.
He is starting to smile and we can’t wait for him to do it more often.
He loves being outside and is always better behaved when he is.

I took the time to do a little photo shoot with him in the same style shown here. Check out my favorite shots below.

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