Tate's No-Sleep Schedule

sleeping on my momma's lap - again

A few days ago, I mentioned that I attempted to tweak Tate’s sleep schedule with disastrous results. If I thought one bad night of sleep was rough, imagine how I am feeling now that we have had three horrific nights in a row. 

Tate is sleeping for 3 or 4 hours at the beginning of the night, but spends the rest of the evening waking every hour. Co-sleeping and side lying nursing isn’t good enough, oh no, he only wants to nurse and be held for what feels like the rest of the night. And come 6 AM he is done. He insists I get my lazy bum out of bed and hold him and nurse him somewhere, anywhere, else. Then he proceeds to nurse (are you seeing how much I am feeding him? – I feel like a dairy cow by 10 AM) and catnap for the next several hours. I am currently sitting on the couch, watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, with a sleeping baby on my lap.

I was thinking he wasn’t feeling well, which is still possible, but his temperature is normal, he has no signs of a cold or respiratory distress. Is he just sad? Help me out, ladies. Have you ever gone through this with your little ones? Because he is sleeping worse than he did as a newborn and I am toasted.

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