Tech-Savvy Baby

Evie Face-Time with Auntie & Her Friends. My dead eyes and braces really make this shot, don't they?

Lately, she’s been obsessed with spending time chatting with family on the computer or iphone’s face-time. This started as soon as she could hold her head up and she would talk to Daddy on Skype when we were away on business trips.

I thought that maybe she wouldn’t really understand what was going on, but she REALLY does. She knows when her daddy is talking to her and she reacts as if her were really there. (Also, kinda creepy that she’ll react to a screen this early. Can we say Fahranheit 451?).

Now, she’s moved onto face-time with her aunt Natalie. She can laugh and laugh at A. Natalie on screen as she sings, pulls faces and talks with her.

I think it’s an amazing world we live in where our babies can have stronger relationships with their distant relatives because of technology… and even cooler that they can interact with them through video phones and computers.

What I DO have to work on now is keeping the phone away from Evie when we aren’t face-timing. I think she thinks Natalie lives in there and is able to entertain her at any time of day.

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