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There is something about getting mail (the fun kind, not the bill kind) that can instantly make any day better.  Perhaps you look a wreck and have a migraine headache and a crying baby, but then the mailman arrives with a package and suddenly all is right in the world.

Our collective love for all things surprises and snail mail is probably the reason that there has been a recent surge in subscriptions to those websites that deliver monthly surprise gifts to your doorstep (think beauty products, shoes, etc.).  And, now there is another one of these sites that has popped up and is offering mamas the the chance to try out new baby gear each month delivered directly to their front door:  TeetheMe.

Don’t be confused by the name like I was, TeetheMe will not send you teething toys, but rather a variety of baby items for you to try out.  Each month, in your TeetheMe box, you’ll find 4-5 hand-picked items that you can test out and then (if you choose to do so), you can review these products on the TeetheMe website and see how your experience with the products you received compared to other parents.

Babies can quickly tired of the same things, and this could provide you and your little one with fun new surprises every month in the mail and who doesn’t like that?

Check out the TeetheMe website if you’re interested in signing up!


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