Teething at Two Months?

I might be teething and I'm not too happy about it

There are many milestones that I have been so happy to see Avery accomplish in the past two months. Her smile that melts my heart, sleeping through the night, and drinking from a bottle for the first time are some of the things she’s learned how to do. I look forward to many more as she continues to grow, but there is one that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy so soon.

For the past week I’ve noticed that Avery has been blowing little spit bubbles and drooling all over everything. Although the drool wasn’t my favorite, I loved watching her make the spit bubbles and probably thought it was just as entertaining as she did. I didn’t think much of  her doing this at first and figured that she was just learning a new trick.

As the week went on, her drool started to become quite excessive and she was starting to have big wet stains on the front of her clothes. Of course I went to my friend, google, and typed in “excessive drooling baby.” Everything that came back said that this was around the time that baby’s salivary glands are hard at work and drool is normal for this stage. Rather than looking any further into it, I figured that was exactly what was happening…until I noticed two little white creases on her bottom gums.

I had to look a couple of times before I realized what I saw. It looks as though this little girl is going to be an early teether, because those two little creases appear to be teeth sprouting. We go to the doctor today for her two-month well visit, so I am going to ask her for her opinion. Unless I am completely crazy and seeing things, those creases have to be teeth.

She’s given me more indicators that she might be teething lately, too. Her hands are constantly in her mouth and she’s been a bit crankier than usual. My other daughter was never a drooler and really never let us know that she had teeth coming in. She didn’t get her first tooth until she was almost eight months. I know that no two babies are the same, but two months seems SO incredibly early to me. I’ll keep you updated on what the doctor says!

Did your baby experience their first tooth really early?

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