Teething is the Absolute Worst

baby waving
Fuzz teething (and waving)

It’s official. Fuzz is teething. Whether or not this is the reason for his poor sleeping or a coincidence (yet again), I will never know. What I do know is that he is doing lots of things that signify he’s feeling some discomfort (if not straight-up pain) in his gums. Here are his symptoms:

1. Shoving his hand in his mouth and biting on it

2. Chomping down on my nipple (ow)

3. Yanking on his ears

4. More snot

5. More drool

6. Rubbing his lips over his gums

7. Biting on other people and things

8. Generally wakeful and cranky

Last night I threw up my hands and walked four blocks in a snowstorm to the drugstore to buy some Tylenol. I gave it to him and he slept for almost four hours, the longest stretch he’s slept in weeks.

While I’m not exactly anxious for Fuzz to get teeth, I definitely don’t want him to be in pain. I’ve used the teething tablets and the little squirty homeopathics with Shnook. Not sure if they actually worked or not, but also am wary of using them due to the recent recall. Although,  Tylenol has been recalled so many times, too so that’s not a great argument.  Also, T was dying to shock our friends and parenting community by using the ‘rubbing whisky on the gums’ method, which we used for Shnook once, but I really think it did nothing, or at least nothing long-lasting.  This is probably because we didn’t use enough to make a difference.

What are your teething tricks?