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Teething Is Confusing

By Lauren Hartmann |

Sad teething face.

So…apparently all those times that Fern was drooling and tugging at her ears and I always said, “Oh, it must be teething.” Well…that wasn’t the real deal. Or at least I don’t think it was? Maybe it was just pre-teething if such a thing exists.

But, now I think it’s the real deal…or at least I did the other night. Now I’m not so sure. This teething thing is confusing!

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So, since Fern was about 3 months old, she’s been drooling and tugging at her ears and gnawing on everything in sight. I assumed that all of this was teething, but she never got very fussy so I wasn’t ever really sure. But, the other night she was up every hour (literally) on the half hour, wailing and tugging and her ears and chewing on her hands and she even had a low grade fever  I completely expected to wake up to a baby with a tooth the next morning.

So, imagine my surprise when I walked in the following morning to the usual gummy baby smile. No teeth. Hmmmm… That was three days ago. She had that one really rough night and even though she has still been pulling on her ears and gnawing about it’s not making her fussy like it was that night and now I’m wondering, was it really teething?

Does teething pain come and go? I just don’t get how this teething business works. I thought there would be a whole lot of fuss and then out would pop a tooth like magic, but that simply has not been the case.

What has your experience with teething been? Was it fast and furious or slow and steady?

 Any teething tips and tricks you’d like to pass my way?

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3 thoughts on “Teething Is Confusing

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ugh! We’re teething now and for us it’s heinous! We’ve got 5-6 teeth coming in at once. Some drooling but not obscene amounts but has had everything in her mouth for months – which is a totally normal developmental milestone too. We (I say we as if I’m doing anything?!) cut the top two teeth first. Seemed ok and wasn’t so bad. Little fussy but that’s about it. Looks like the two next to those are coming in too and they seem mighty painful. We’ve also got one on the bottom coming in and I suspect the other isn’t far behind. I work outside the home so my little girl gets two bottles a day at daycare. All week she has refused her bottles. Nursed ok but would occasionally pop off and cry. Food (solids) was hit or miss. Then came the fever. 102+ last night and this morning. LOTS of crying and we’re not talking little whiney fussy cries – there were full on sobs. Heart breaking! I can see five teeth – at least 3 have cut through, 2 are on their way and like I said the bottom one is waiting in the wings. The top two probably cut through around 8/15 but still aren’t fully in place. For us, this is slow, steady and painful.

  2. Nicole says:

    In my experience it’s a slow process. I’ve even seen teeth break through the gum surface so you see the white tooth and then it goes back into the gum line so you can’t see the tooth anymore. Then the tooth has to cut through again. Even if you don’t see teeth yet, if she’s close you should see where they are trying to come in, the gum area will be inflamed. My niece had trouble cutting her teeth and their naturopath gave them some sulfer tablets which popped those teeth right on through. I don’t know much about the sulfer, but it worked for them!
    If you’re not sure if it’s her teeth coming in you may want to check for ear infections…?

  3. claire says:

    We’ve been very lucky here so far. He’s 8 months and we have the bottom two and the top four are on their way – second one across on the right is through the gum. Haven’t had much problem though, some disruption to sleep so naps and bedtime, but generally ok. Just waiting on the molars though – think they’re gonna be awful :( hope Fern feels better soon.

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