The 2 Month Check Up: Diagnoses, Prescriptions and Shots, Oh My!

We had our 2 month check up at the pediatrician yesterday afternoon. We still couldn’t get into our primary pediatrician, this time because he was on vacation, not because of his busy schedule, but we were able to see one of the other pediatricians in the practice that my husband had worked with and who was our second choice for a primary. In other words, we like her.

The appointment started like all others, with the thermometer, ruler and scale. Eli is now a tremendous 10 pounds, 14 ounces and 22 and 3/4 inches long. Everyone was pleased with his growth, and I really wanted to run next door to the awful pediatrician we saw a few weeks ago and tell her that my “overfed” baby is still only between the 25th and 50th percentile, so probably not that overfed, thanks. But I didn’t, because I’m a grown up. Sometimes.

Then we moved onto the real exam and things got interesting.

We had noticed pretty much from birth that Eli has very sensitive skin, but things have recently gotten much more serious. His formerly smooth baby skin has gotten rough and it takes almost nothing to turn it to a bright red angry rash. Last week while we were out of town, I grabbed a hotel wash cloth as a burp rag in the middle of the night and a few hours later one whole side of his face and neck were swollen and red. So detergents, it seems, are not his favorite.

And you know how you go to the doctor for something and it magically clears up before you get there? Well, this was the opposite. He broke out in a splendid rash on his face, for no apparent reason, which the doctor took a good look at. He appears to have pretty significant eczema and is likely reacting to something I’m eating, in addition to everything in the environment. So I’m doing a trial off of dairy. Please ask me how I feel about this.

The second order of business was the reflux, which, admittedly, seems to be bothering him less and less, but it’s not really getting better in terms of symptoms I observe. He still chokes in his sleep every night, coughs, spits up the clear acidy liquid daily. This pediatrician was really troubled to hear this, especially the choking, because it means the acid is making it up to his throat frequently, and duh, that’s not good. So medication, ahoy.

And then, when I thought we were maybe done labeling my slightly damaged baby, she found a yeasty diaper rash, which is no surprise given that I’m on my second bout with thrush because my breasts hate me with a literal deep burning passion. Once again, medication was ordered.

And then he got his vaccines, which elicited a brief moment of very sad baby crying, but he fell asleep a few minutes later and I thought we were in the clear. Oh how wrong I was. A few hours later Eli woke up SCREAMING and was pretty much inconsolable until the Tylenol kicked in. My husband and I are about as pro-vaccine as you can get, but man if this experience didn’t test our resolve. I don’t want to discuss how much I cried as my sweet little baby whimpered in his sleep. It was heartbreaking.

Thankfully my mild mannered, easy going baby is back today, but here’s to hoping that our next visit is less eventful and the Tylenol we dose him with beforehand saves us all some serious misery.

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