The 4 Month Well Visit Check-Up

4 month check up
4 month check up

Today was Zeke’s 4 month check-up. It started with him smiling and ended with us both crying.

I know some mothers love well visits to get their baby’s vitals. I hate them. To me, well visit appointments are official reminders that my baby is growing.

Growing is exactly what’s Zeke has done. His little chunky thighs and sweet chubby cheeks melt me. He weighed in at 15.1 lbs, putting him in the 70th percentile and is 26 inches in length, putting him in the 85th percentile. Our boy is a little giant. 

All is good in the development department with the exception of his head. He, like our first has a flat spot. The doctor was optimistic with exercises and his hair coming in that by the time he turns a year, it shouldn’t be noticeable.

(Read about Danielle’s baby Addison’s recent doctor visit in regards to a flat spot on her head.)

We missed our 2 month appointment so it was catch-up time for vaccinations. A shot in each thigh and the rotavirus vaccination which is taken orally. I cried as I held his little hands trying to make him smile. We made it through them, there’s a reason I typically send my husband to these visits!

The rest of the day was typical of all vaccination days. Zeke napped for 7 hours straight.

It’s done. We both survived and don’t have to do this again for 2 months.

How Do You Handle Well Visits?


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