The 5 Faces of Little Bean


1.) The “what’s going on around here” face. This is my favorite, of course. He glances around, looking all inquisitive. He hasn’t smiled responsively YET. I’m waiting so desperately for it. If I remember correctly, his older brother smiled around 6 weeks. So hopefully it’s coming soon!

2.) The “I just got shot in the foot” face. That’s what the husband calls it anyway. Our response is normally, “Oh crap.. what just happened?” But honestly, this face is normally because of hunger, gas, dirty diaper or tiredness. Other than those few things, Evan is pretty content. Let’s hope he stays that way! :)

3.) The “What are you looking at?” face? Do you see that crinkled brow? I love it! Sometimes he just has this expression of complete consciousness–like he knew what he wanted, he got and now he’s contemplating his next move. Note: Notice his hands, they are normally up in his face like that.

4.) The “I am a perfect angel” sleeping face. There’s nothing cuter than a sleeping baby except YOUR sleeping baby. I have to fight every fiber of my being not to pick him up and snuggle when he looks like that. He’s so calm and peaceful. Of course, I should be sleeping too but instead I’m taking his picture.

5.) The “give me a minute, I’m stretching” face. Little Bean stretches SO much. It’s hysterical! This picture doesn’t quite capture it. Normally you’d see the tightened lip, the chin up and his arms extended. I was a little late with the camera so you only get the tail-end of it. Still cute though!

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