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The 7 Worst Things to Say to the Mom of a Newborn

By Meredith Carroll |

New mom

Want to comment on my postpartum appearance? Well, don’t, you insensitive jerk. I JUST GAVE BIRTH!

If you can’t say something nice, keep your mouth shut. And if you’re not sure that what you’re saying to the mom of a newborn is nice or not, err on the side of caution and definitely keep your mouth shut.

We’re tired. We just spent 9 months waddling around like Shamu, only to get the baby out of us and have to keep waddling around like Shamu while also caring for Flipper 24/7.

So that means we’re necessarily sensitive on top of being utterly exhausted. Which means even if you think you’re not being insensitive, chances are, you are.

Here are 7 things you should never say to the mom of a newborn (particularly if you want the mom of a newborn to ever say anything to you ever again):

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If you can't say something nice to a new mom, what's wrong with you?

Your Baby is So Pretty! She Doesn’t Look Like You!

Gee, thanks. Be sure not to let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. On second thought, let it.

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69 thoughts on “The 7 Worst Things to Say to the Mom of a Newborn

  1. Meagan says:

    Personally, I’d prefer nobody make ANY comment about my baby’s penis until he’s a grown up and showing it to people himself. And in that case, I’d prefer not to hear anything about it.

  2. AB says:

    I hate it when people think they know why my baby is crying!! I know why she is crying, she is my baby! I have superpowers like that!

  3. Bre says:

    O man I got asked when I was due when I was at the mall and I said that I had just had a baby a couple weeks before, to which she asked “are you breastfeeding” and I said yes and she had the NERVE to say “then that weight will just fall right off” wha wha what?! I didn’t realize that being able to fold a sweater made you an expert on post-partum weight loss you vapid … let me stop

  4. Meredith Carroll says:

    @Bre — That’s three whammies wrapped into one. Nicely done! ;)

  5. Kara says:

    Actually I love it when people comment on my baby’s fatness (though most people usually use the word chubby) because it is a universally acknowledged fact that baby fat is adorable.

  6. Ana A. says:

    My MIL calls my baby fatty. I tried to justify it but it still just irks me. And god forbid Chloe should cry when my parents are around cuz then I get all sorts input as to why and what I should do about it. So I try to keep visitation from grandparents to a minimum.

  7. Heather says:

    “Either way, it’s never OK to ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless you actually see a baby falling out of her vagina.”–I am dying laughing! Which is bad because I’m at work!

  8. Carolyn Koch says:

    My little girl gets the “He” card ALL THE TIME!!! I was at the coffee shop a couple of weeks ago and my baby was in her PINK & Leopard Print Car Carrier and a man bent down to look at her and said… “Awww, HE is so cute. What did you name him?” Wha? Are you serious? I (with a smirk) instantly answered, “Her name is Courtney!”

  9. Denae says:

    My kids are half Filipino. All my kids are very white like their mama but have Filipino features. My youngest who is 10 months looks Chinese rather than Filipino because she has very Asian eyes, dark hair and light skin. I had some one come up to me in the store and ask if it was hard to “adopt a baby!” I thought it was a very personal question but couldn’t help but laugh. “No, she is all mine, straight from the womb!’ I told her. She turned so bright red I kind of felt bad. I guess she will think twice before she asks personal questions.

  10. Lilah's Mommy says:

    The paci one made me LOL, hahahaha

  11. Michelle Villarreal says:

    My baby is a boy and gets called a “she/her” ALL the time. Even his doctor @ the last visit called him her like four times, even though he was covered in blue and even his car seat is blue! Not to metion she circumsized him a few months ago!!!! LOL!

  12. Crystal says:

    Lmfao These are great. I actually had the “problem” of all of my baby weight melting off after 2 weeks. (I was newly 18, no need to hate me) My son is half Hispanic so everyone made comments about me babysitting him so well. ?? Ppeople asked my friends or family members questions and gave them the compliments. Since I’m the one not sleeping and dealing with all things baby, I at least deserve the good stuff. Jeez! I love how people will think it’s a girl decked out in all blue or who actually think I’d put pink studs in my son’s ears. Morons.

  13. Casi says:

    My daughter is about to turn 1 and people are finally realizing that she is a SHE. A man walked up to me when she was just a few months old and asked me if she was a girl or boy. Of course, I told him girl…so he asked why I had her dressed in all boy clothes? WHAT???? Her carseat was nothing but pink, she had a pink dress on with a huge flower on her head. Wow, it made me wonder if he had seen a boy dressed like that.

  14. Cheryl Morse says:

    My newborn grandson will be a week tomorrow. My daughter had him on 12-3 with 17 hrs of labor, her 3rd one. Her boyfriend was making all kinds of comments to her, while in labor. and she in labor told him a thing or two. Now, she’s home and nothing has been said about her or the baby. But never say stupid comments to anyone in labor, because they can be really nasty to you or anyone back.

  15. Dawn says:

    People please, that was the dumbest thing I have read in a long time.grow up and quit being such act like people are rude to say these innocent things is just stupid.the only one that shouldn’t be said is”when are you due”Lets try being grown ups now that we are parents.

    1. LAE451 says:

      Amen, sista!!

  16. Eileen says:

    A good friend of mine commented to me right after the birth of my son, “Wow, that sucks!” I think she meant labor and delivery, but since she’s still childless thirteen years later, I can only imagine the array of suckishness she was contemplating.

  17. Sherry says:

    Seriously hilarious!!!! I can relate to almost all of these! My oldest dtr was bald and now my 10 wk old has a little hair…. Gets “himmed” alot….for Pete’s sake she rides in a pink and brown stroller/car seat!!!

  18. Jessika says:

    omg, this cracked me up and i totally agree with all of it! within the first couple of weeks of having my daughter, i brought her with me to work to pick up my check (my water broke at work, so i still had a check from them before my family leave checks started coming). i had her wrapped in a pink blanket, inside of her pink carseat, and someone STILL asked if she was a boy!!!! ppl are SO dumb sometimes!

  19. Janice says:

    Totally cracked me up! When I had my first son it was an emergency c-section and like the day after I had someone who will remain nameless ask me why I was not out of bed walking. I will not tell you what I told her because it is a family site.

  20. Yvette says:

    I laughed so hard at this.. I was 21 almost 22 when I had my daughter in ’06. I was engaged and in collage.. I got the most odd looks from people. So many people asked me how old I was and if I was “ready”. Then after she was born she was always mistaken for my little sister. Now that I’m having another one and I’m no longer with my daughter’s father and am engaged (again lol), People ask me if he’s ok with this, if the baby is ok that I’m having a baby with someone else (she knows him and I have been together for four years!) and if I am “ready” this time.. Just the nerve of some people. I try to laugh off the fact that they think I’m 18 and don’t know what I’m doing, but most times I just say a sarcastic comment and keep moving..
    **to the lady who said grow up.. we are grown up. And this is a great “venting” article that says what most of us don’t say. You grow up or get off the site. Don’t be such a square.

  21. TiffanyinSF says:

    @ Kara – I’m with you. Fat babies are the cutest and if someone exclaims that your baby is fat, you should consider that to be synonymous with “Your baby is adorable.”

  22. Cynthia says:

    A little concerned with the idea that the pink stuff “makes” her a girl. In fact, the pink will not make her a girl. Nor would it make your boy a girl. Get a grip. How could it possibly matter to anyone so much that a stranger gets the sex of their child incorrect?

  23. Taz says:

    none of this would really get me down except the ‘when are you due?’ one! people will be saying dumb stuff forever and for the most part they have good intentions. i have always managed to remain graceful when strangers have comments and questions during my pregnancy.

  24. Janice says:

    @Yvette Get a grip. You are not the center of the universe. If you have to “vent” because not everyone on the planet is dancing to your tune, what are you going to do when something serious floats into your little bubble. You have a BABY. A perfect miracle! And you’re “venting” about trivialities. I hope you grow up before your baby does.

  25. Jenise says:

    This was so hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing at the “are you worried about your baby using the pacifier?” one and the “when are you do?” one. But i hate when people comment about the size of your baby…she/he is so little or she/he so big…like really! My child’s fine and perfectly healthy! Who made you the expert! I also can’t stand that when your baby cries many people automatically think the baby must be hungry! Nobody knows my baby better than me! I know what she needs…unless I ask for advice, don’t say anything! Also, for some reason people also think when a baby does a big yawn that the baby is hungry. Really? It couldn’t be that my baby’s tired!
    LOL! This article made my day.

  26. JBDestiny says:

    The worst for me was my mother asking me ” when are you having another?” three days after giving birth. Can I wait until the stitches fall out from this one first? Thanks.

  27. chelsey says:

    the crying hunger one is amazing…i HATED when people said that, it was SO offensive. one of my best friends would hold him and he would be sucking on a pacifier and she would say that he must be hungry because of how he is sucking…WTF?

  28. Christine says:

    Many laughs, ladies… Thank you!

  29. May says:

    I agree, it really does annoy me sometimes wen someone calls my princess a boy when she blatantly doesn’t look like a boy. Im sorry but if you are going to say anything about my little girl then at least have the common sense to take a look at my little girl first before commenting. And the people on this post saying to grow up, honestly. Are people not aloud to have a little rant from time to time. Have we all got to be as serious and square as you! This thread has made my very cold morning! =]

  30. May says:

    And i totally get the shes crying, she must be hungry then! I can remember going out for the first time when my little girl was about 3 weeks old and she began to wimper and the first person we passed turned and said oh no the poor dear must be hungry!

  31. PetitMom says:

    First of all this made me laugh, specially the ” it’s never OK to ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless you actually see a baby falling out of her vagina” line!
    all the nurses and midwives said how small my boy was (in size not about his jiggly bits). Now I’m only 5’2″ tall and admit to being a lucky bitch to own a rather slim size 8 body (pre-birth… more like 10/12 now) so I wonder what the bloody hell were they expecting me to give birth to? A fully grown adult? A gorilla? The Statue of Liberty? Come on, surely everyone else looked at me and then at my son and thought “yeah that probably once fit in her womb” rather than blunt out “wow he’s a small baby”. And since when was 7lbs 4oz small? I always thought 7lbs was fairly average. Maybe I’m wrong.

  32. Leah says:

    My son was born with tons of hair, so he was constantly called “she,” even when wearing something boy-like. And, honestly, he would’ve made a really cute girl!

    The one thing that drove me crazy was my grandmother asking me if I’d lost all my baby weight yet. Starting a couple weeks after he was born, every time I’d see her (which was about once a week), she’d ask and I’d say no. Finally, after the fourth or fifth time, my mother snapped and said, “Will you STOP asking her that? Quit worrying about her weight, she’s fine!” And then, of course, because I ended up pretty skinny with all the breastfeeding, she started worrying that I’d lost too much weight and “quietly” asking my husband if I was eating enough. Ah, grandmothers.

    1. naomi says:

      grandmums are great. they just care too much

  33. Deborah Robbins says:

    I never got compliments from my own mother when my five children were infants….she was appalled because I chose to breastfeed them unlike she did…so I got all the nasty comments. I decided that when I was a grandmother I would compliment my children’s efforts in parenting even if I did not agree….and that is what I have done….all four of my grandchildren have started with breastfeeding, when my oldest granddaughter was switched out to formula at 3 months I was disappointed but tried to encourage my daughter in other ways and KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT! My two youngest grandchildren (cousins), now 2 months and 14 months were breastfed from birth and my daughters decided to pump their milk and continue to breastfeed even after returning to their jobs…I am so proud of them! On Saturday while visiting the little one, my daughter proudly showed me her freezer full of frozen breastmilk…I not only complimented her on her great job (Aria has not had formula once!) but also think her milk looked very rich and healthy too…and told her that too! Aria is thriving, gaining weight like crazy….and I make a point to let my daughters know that they are doing a great job!

  34. Renee says:

    So funny but I wanted to add one comment. A family member joked that they thought I lied about my due date after hearing I went into labor quite early with my preemie. She giggled, I almost cried. Wonder if anyone else had to deal with something like this?

  35. Megan says:

    It’s been 18 months since I last had a newborn, but I can STILL relate to the rage!!! Loved this post.

  36. Val Payne says:

    After my first bebe’ was born 7 weeks early and only 3 pounds, I’m kinda hoping that the baby that is currently gestating will be fat. I want a chubby baby with rolls! As for the rest…Had it all said to me. Why strangers feel entitled to ask after the state of your breasts or belly flab. Unless I post it on Facebook, don’t ask. And if you’re not a FB friend then you don’t need to know!

  37. Jenna says:

    My son is 2 1/2 months old and I’ve almost got the baby weight off. My friend had twin girls 3 months ago and she was with only one of them (her husband had the other) at the park yesterday. A woman I knew from my prenatal yoga class came up to us with her 5 month old son. “Oh your kids are so cute!” she cooed. We hadn’t seen eachother’s kids yet (lost touch) so we were very excited. “How much of the baby weight have you lost yet? You look great!” she said. I thanked her and told her I’d lost 15 out of the 23 pounds I’d gained after birth. “Wonderful!” she said. After this I introduced my friend and after a few minutes, prenatal yoga girl says “So, I guess you haven’t started losing the weight yet, have you?” to my friend. I was shocked. How rude can you be? She’s gaind 45 pounds. She’s lost 20. She’s doing AWESOME. Sher gave birth to twins. 2 BABIES! We walked away after that and I’ll never talk to her again. I’m sorry this is long but I just have to vent. Any other moms want to get in on this one?

  38. Meg says:

    Come on – if you don’t enjoy a good vent why were you reading the article in the first place?! The gender mix up doesn’t bother me so much – my grandma called my son a she constantly when he was a baby but she does that with all babies and is batty and old so I don’t mind. He’s 3 now and last week we went to a Santa’s Grotto and Santa thought he was a girl! (he’s called Rowan which I know is unisex and he does have fairly long (yet boyish!) hair but he was wearing rockets on his wellies. I didn’t say anything coz he didn’t mind and Santa would’ve been embarrassed!) The “must be hungry” comment I agree got me so cross – in a shop (after breastfeeding him on a bench outside before going in) a woman said “aw, he’s hungry, if you were feeding him yourself you could pop into the changing rooms to feed him in private”. 1. I am feeding him myself 2. if for some reason I was unable to breastfeed him I would still actually feed him 3. why should I hide in a boiling hot changing room when I’ve just given him a feed in the shade of a tree in the open air and 4. I am an emotional wreck lady and my baby is crying with a dry nappy, a full belly and with the right amount of clothing on, I think he’s upset by your face!!! And breathe – oh, and that was 3 and a half years ago. I’m preggers again now and can’t wait for it all over again! (not – I’m already mightily peeved at the insensitive and stupid comments about my body shape.)

  39. tina says:

    @ petitmum. I know what you mean. I am under 5 ft I was too about size 8. I had my first son via emergency c section after a very lengthy labour and complications, 7 pounder boy born with a decent egg on his head. I was only 3 cm dialated and he was pushing down. After well over 24 hours of labour. People commented on how small my son was and couldn’t understand why things went wrong. I also found out I have pelvic issues. My doctor and I decided it’s was best to have a c section for my second she turned out to be bigger. Certainly would have prefered a natural birth if I knew it was going to be safe for my baby. Getting ready for theatre my anethasist ask if I was doing ok. I was pretty anxious about everything the procedure, recovery and everything. The midwife said. What she’s not even doing anything she just laying there what’s she got to worry about. Thanks lady that’s really helping the nurves.

  40. anon says:

    WHOA. Holy crap. I got to the thrid thing and already see some crazy BS cropping up here. THe gender stereotyping, the body image issues being instilled in NEWBORNS??? SRSLY? Boys have tiny penises when they are hours old. Babies are fat because nature needs them to be to survive. Deal. Don’t project your own issues onto your children.

  41. lea says:

    This is so funny! I’m 14 weeks pregnant, and ever since we told my mother in law about the pregnancy, all she talks about is her three pregnancies—move on, they were all over 30 years ago. She is constantly telling me about how much weight she didn’t gain during her pregnancies.. that she was 8 months pregnant in a bikini and no one could tell she was pregnant. As if that is healthy or something to brag about. All of my in laws comment that I am a prude beccause I don’t want to have a glass of wine when pregnant. Listen, I couldn’t care less what others due during their pregnancies, it is none of my business, but seriously calling me a prude because I don’t want alcohol while pregnant is absurd. Sorry that I don’t want to risk my child having birth defects. I wish people would learn to mind their own business.

  42. BCulotti says:

    My Mom (well-intentioned, I’m sure) related horror stories of her deliveries when I was pregnant the first time. She said giving birth was like being impaled by a red hot telephone pole, and other horror tales of her hospitalizations. And she had had the “twi-light” sleep thing, and I had no medication. I personally thought labor was the pits, but delivery was a wonderful relief. She did have me very apprehensive, though!!
    After our daughter was born and about 3 months old, we went out to eat. I had her in a pink frilly dress and a bow stuck to her sparse hair. Some old guy in line at the restaurant asked if she was a boy or a girl. I wanted to tell him I was hoping to turn my boy into a sissy, but I refrained. Haha
    When my daughter had her first at 23, she still looked about 15 or less. I was 50. We were in Wendy’s with my youngest, too, who was 10. A lady came up and said “Isn’t it great to have a big sister to help with the baby?” (Secretly this made me feel great that she thought he was mine at 50) I said, “Oh, she’s the Mom.” If looks could kill…. I hurriedly said, “She’s 23…and I’m 50.” The woman then turned red and mumbled something about it being nice to keep looking young, or some such thing.
    Here’s the worst. A friend was pregnant with #6 and a lady in the grocery line asked if it was her first. She said, no, she had five. The woman says, “Haven’t you ever heard of abortion?” Now that’s the height of horrible comments.

  43. Ugh! The “she must be hungry” one gets me every tine. Hey dumbass, I think I’d know my baby well enough not to pass her around if she needed to eat!

  44. Heather says:

    I was hit with a double whammy once with my youngest. I had her bundled up in her PINK coat, she had on PINK pants and I was carrying her in her PINK pumpkin seat. An old man came up to me and said, “HE’S a BIG BOY isn’t HE.” Really? Thank you for calling my sweet little girl fat and a boy. Jerk.

  45. Angie P. says:

    Love all of these! Made me laugh! I have a beautifully chubby baby girl that people called a fat boy all the time, drove me crazy. I’m not a really girly girl, but I started dressing her up in more pink because I go so tired of the boy comments. I had a purple dress with a large purple flowery headband on her and still got asked if it was a boy or girl, seriously???
    The other one that got me was when someone asked, (two months after having her) when I was having the baby, and I was wearing baggy clothes, but definitely did not look pregnant, I admit it stung a little bit!

  46. tree maintenance bloomington indiana says:

    Good for you Juanita this is a great start.

  47. Lynn says:

    You should add asking “Are you nursing?”

    I could never get the hang of nursing my son (he had an extended stay in the NICU – long story) and I was pretty upset/disappointed about it at first. For some reason, everyone I ran into asked me if I was nursing. It was so annoying! Even a 60-something year old man (friend of my in-laws) asked me if I was nursing. I just politely explained our situation to everyone that asked, but it was very trying in the beginning.

    The worst was when a lady at a church picnic (to whom I had already explained the situation, twice!) told me I wasn’t eating enough & that I needed more food since I’m nursing. Um… hello?!

  48. Geneva says:

    My son is 8mos old and I still hate it when people assume he is crying because he is hungry!!!! Babies cry for more than just food people! LOL

  49. RachaelRevty says:

    I had two winners when I was in labor. Honestly I only weighed 108 when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter (yes we actually were both healthy, I have always been skinny). My nurse who helped my into my gown LOUDLY exclaimed to everone and their dog “look how super skinny she is, doesnt that just disgust you!” Um…thanks?!?! Then while Im pushing another nurses says “come on it cant be that hard can it?” where as I promply asked HIM when was the last time he squeezed a bowling ball out of a key hole?

  50. RachaelRevty says:

    @ Bcolotti, I understand that. I am pregnant with my biological second and the family 8. I adopted my husbands 6 and we have 2 together. It never fails when I have to inform someone its number 8 I get one of three extremes: “Wow thats way too many you should use birth control” or “Which one is your favorite” or “Thats weird, do you feed all of them?” -NO I dont feed ALL my children, what a waste of time and energy. I make them search threw the dumpster of course! I only feed my “favorites”. WOW REALLY!! lol some people!

  51. Terra says:

    It use to bug the hell out of me when my son was a few months old, ppl would say my son is so small and how old he is, now I’m only 4’11″, so ppl always had things to say. My respond became outrageous ages, my MIL and I had a blast with people’s reactions, like telling people he was 9 months when he actually 4 months. I think we may have said he was a year old when he was only 5 months! It helped us make light of the situation.

  52. holly says:

    wow, a lot of bitterness in this article.

    1. KuroiShi says:

      That’s what I was thinking…

  53. Jake says:

    Wow, calm down. Who gives a crap if somebody calls your baby fat? It IS fat. Get over it. Nobody cares, because it’s supposed to be. It’s pretty damn selfish to make somebody’s attempt at being friendly into an attack on you.

  54. Tammy says:

    I am 46 years old and have come almost to the end of a very unexpected pregnancy, I have gotten some comments along the way I can’t help but laugh about at the hospital when they realize my age and that I have two grandchildren. They range from OMG, OMG to you look like your in your 30′s and everything in between, lighten up and let it roll off, I can’t wait until he’s in school and everyone thinks we are his grandparents when we go to conferences. the best are yet to come!

  55. Ju says:

    This article gave me a good laugh! When my daughter was a baby, she looked like a boy b/c she didn’t have hair. I made the mistake of dressing her in blue once and never did that again (luckily no one saw her so I didn’t have to face any questions!) Now, six years later, we compare her baby pictures to her little brother. You’d think they were the same baby!! I was more touchy with my daughter, but this time with my son, none of them bother me. I’m just so happy to have them here and my daughter is a super princess/ballerina/tae kwon do/rockstar!
    For the ones who comment about bitterness, touchiness, ranting . . . really? Between the hormones, sleeplessness, exhaustion . . . stupid comments are the last thing a new (and old) mom wants to hear or deal with.

  56. LAX2412 says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that having a baby gave you a free license to be a b*tch. Lighten up, ladies.

  57. jamiejones says:

    I rarely comment on people’s babies. They are generally loud, dirty, smelly, squirmy babies and I don’t much care for them. I won’t say a baby is cute unless I think the baby is cute. I will say only “oh, nice baby” and be done with it. And that only if forced to say something. I don’t comment on a woman’s post baby body either. I don’t comment on a woman’s pre baby body either. I don’t care much if they are fat or skinny. The world would be a better place if people did not comment on other people’s appearance. Weather that person is 6 hours old or 60 years old or 600 years old.

  58. mama2oneplus says:

    people are so funny!
    when my daughter was about 11 months old, we were walking at the beach, and she had some hair but not THAT much. She was wearing a one piece strawberry bathing suit and had her ears pierced, and one lady comes up to me and says, awww HE’s so cutee, how old is HE?

  59. Nila says:

    I don’t think that people, mean to say stupid or seemingly rude things. about Babies. I can recall when my oldest son was born. How people used to think that he was a she. He had really long eyelashes and would say what a cute little girl. I would get pretty testy about the comment and tell them in hostile tone. That she was a He !

    But true there are certain questions that you should not ask a woman if she is pregnant or when she is due. This implies if she is not that she is fat enough to be in that way. Also don’t make a comment about a baby’s Gender unless you know for certain that baby’s sex. New mom’s do like compliments. And to tell a mom that her baby is either cute or beautiful, actually makes nine months and her labor worth it even more besides having the baby.

    Just think before you speak. What you would want someone to say to you about your baby. It might just save you some embarrassment, and a rather cool response from the Mom, or Mom to be. :)

  60. CourtP says:

    LAX2412- I’m pretty sure if someone said some of these things about my kid, I would be a b***ch too. You must not understand new mom hormones because they can be all over the place. Most of these yeah I would normally laugh at but having a newborn changes you alot.

  61. MommaTo2 says:

    I have two kids a girl who is 2, and a boy who just turned 4 months. Is it that rare to have a boy born well big…all the nurses and doctors always comment on that. Grandma even goes around telling strangers. We live in a apartment and I was taking the kids out to play the one day and all the other moms said Grandma had come out one day when she was over and informed them that he was “well hung” as she says it…

  62. Deb says:

    Um – I had four babies. Each time it was harder to lose the weight, but eventually it came off. What I take issue with here is – why on earth would you bolster your hurt feelings by picking on someone else? I think you owe Jessica Alba an apology.

  63. Victor says:

    self-righteous, self-serving, mommy-cultist drivel. mommy jacking the freedom of speech. don’t want people saying the wrong thing? don’t make your birth a fucking spectacle.

  64. Rox says:

    I worked in a mall when I was much younger and saw babies all of the time that I couldn’t really tell their gender. To avoid that awkward “boy or girl” moment I usually just said something to the parent/s like “Oh gosh how cute! How old?” And they responded with “He is… or She is..” Problem solved.

    People also thought my oldest was a boy…bald head and since she had big blue eyes I wore blue on her a lot. *shrug* didn’t bother me if they couldn’t tell even if I did have a bow or something on her.

  65. Justme says:

    Just do what I do, stay the H*LL away from both parents and children until the kid is 15.

  66. Cara says:

    My friend and I have twins only a day apart in age. One day we were out together, an old lady came up and asked us, ” Are these from the same batch?” I answered yes, we got them at the bakery down the street it was a buy one get one free sale.

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