The Abigail Theme Song


Penelope and AbigailDo you make up songs for your kids? I do. The song for Penelope was a tough act to follow, if I do say so myself, but I’m pretty pleased with this one too.

Actually I was a little worried that I wouldn’t come up with an awesome song for Abby. I mean, why not worry about that? In my amazing ping-pong of guilt, in which I worried that I wouldn’t love Abby enough, or that Abby would always feel like she missed out on the whole NICU thing (?!), or that Penny would feel displaced by Abby, et cetera, et cetera, et ceteraaaaa (/yulbrynner), this was a fine thing to worry about.

In the end, I think we nailed it. Abby seems to like it. God, but it’s kind of astounding, how little Penelope was at six months! Yikes!

Anyway, how do you like Abby’s song? Do you make up songs for your kids?