The Age Of Injury

baby with bump
Fuzz's latest battle scar

Ouch. Along with choking hazard issues of a crawling baby, there is the klunk factor. Both my babies managed to get some kind of bump or scrape on their bodies’ at least once a day during this crawling to walking phase. Fuzz now enjoys standing up every chance he can get, which means sometimes losing his grip on whatever it is he was using to pull himself up,  and then falling down, occasionally bonking himself in the face.

My problem is that often, he’ll cry and I’ll pick him up and inspect him for damage and there will be none, only to see a giant lump coming out of his forehead 10 minutes later. Usually these lumps go away quickly, but boy do they look scary when they first appear.

These crashes are just going to continue, so I better get used to them. I will say that he does seem to recover from them quickly, and if I don’t make a big deal, than neither will he. It must be that he’s been pushed around so much by the other kid that falling is just no big whoop now.

Is your baby a walking/crawling accident waiting to happen? How many times a day does your baby fall and get some kind of injury?