The Baby Gadget that has Lasted Well Beyond the Baby Years


When you first become a mother, you never truly know how much stuff you really need. You spend hours registering for every possible baby item you can think of only to find out a few months later that you used a third of the items that you received.

When Avery was born, I already knew what I needed to purchase and what baby items I could  live without. There was one gadget that I knew I wanted to update because we have consistently used our old one every single day for the last three years with my oldest, Harlan.

Although we live in a small apartment, I consistently rely upon my video monitor. It sits next to me when I put Avery down for a nap and I have it next to my bed so that I can check on both girls throughout the night. Both of my girls have always been light sleepers so the video monitor allows for me to quietly check up on them without having to open the door to peek in.

When I was shopping for monitors, I didn’t know if I wanted a video monitor or just the old school monitor with only sound. Because I am a little bit of a paranoid mother, I knew that the features of a video monitor would be perfect for me. The best part of the monitor was that I could just pop in some Energizer batteries and could take it with me all around the apartment without having to plug it in. When we lived in a bigger house in Florida, this was huge for me. Harlan’s room was all the way on the other side of the house. When it was just her and I for nine months, that monitor was glued to my side at every minute.

I never imagined that I would use it beyond the first year, but I continue to use it for Harlan who is three years old. When we moved her into a toddler bed we were always checking the monitor to see if she was trying to get out.

There is some sort of calmness that I get from having it by my side and knowing that I can look at either girl when they are tucked in safely in their beds. I am come to rely on it more than any other baby gadget I have ever had, and that means a lot to this mom.

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