The Baby has been Booted.


I was relying on my husband’s gift for procrastination to keep Vivi rooming in with us just a little bit longer. She had blackout roller shades in her room but they were on the floor, not hung. Sure I’m perfectly capable of hanging a couple of shades but I knew as soon as they were hung my husband had a valid argument for booting the baby out of our room.

Apparently I overestimated his procrastination or underestimated just how badly he wanted the baby out of our room because when I came home from dinner with friends? The baby had been booted.

To say I didn’t pout all night would be a lie. I wanted to make sure my husband knew that I wasn’t in love with the idea of the baby being so far away. Heck, I’d probably cosleep if he’d let me, but the truth is he doesn’t sleep well with the baby in our room, whether she’s in the bed with us or in a crib 10 feet away.

He deserves to sleep well.

He also argued that Vivi didn’t sleep well in our room either, that she would stir with every ruffle of the sheets in our bed. Pfft. Whatever, the baby slept, don’t go blaming this on my baby! But the baby looks comfy in her new bed. And maybe she does sleep a little more peacefully.

Well, you know, except for me checking in on her a dozen times a night and precariously teetering over the crib rail to kiss her chubby little sleeping cheek.

If your babies are no longer rooming in with you, how often do you check on them?