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The Baby has been Booted.

By caseymullins |

I was relying on my husband’s gift for procrastination to keep Vivi rooming in with us just a little bit longer. She had blackout roller shades in her room but they were on the floor, not hung. Sure I’m perfectly capable of hanging a couple of shades but I knew as soon as they were hung my husband had a valid argument for booting the baby out of our room.

Apparently I overestimated his procrastination or underestimated just how badly he wanted the baby out of our room because when I came home from dinner with friends? The baby had been booted.

To say I didn’t pout all night would be a lie. I wanted to make sure my husband knew that I wasn’t in love with the idea of the baby being so far away. Heck, I’d probably cosleep if he’d let me, but the truth is he doesn’t sleep well with the baby in our room, whether she’s in the bed with us or in a crib 10 feet away.

He deserves to sleep well.

He also argued that Vivi didn’t sleep well in our room either, that she would stir with every ruffle of the sheets in our bed. Pfft. Whatever, the baby slept, don’t go blaming this on my baby! But the baby looks comfy in her new bed. And maybe she does sleep a little more peacefully.

Well, you know, except for me checking in on her a dozen times a night and precariously teetering over the crib rail to kiss her chubby little sleeping cheek.

If your babies are no longer rooming in with you, how often do you check on them?


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10 thoughts on “The Baby has been Booted.

  1. Jamie (@chosenchaos) says:

    We had to move the twins out of our room MUCH earlier than I cared to (or was planning.) Baby girl B was NOISY. So so noisy. I check on them, all of them, a lot. I’m such an awful sleeper so anytime I’m awake I go in their rooms.
    Wrote about this very thing here..

  2. Rosstwinmom says:

    When my twins got moved to their own room, I rarely checked on them for fear of waking one or more. I wanted quiet above all else. What can I say? The PPD and anxiety really wiped me out. Now, my husband had to be held back with the Look of Death to not go in during the magic 15 minutes they were in light sleep. The man woke those kids more times than I can count just because he wanted to stare at them.

    Why did I marry a sweet man?

  3. Jbrucker says:

    We ended up booting baby way before I thought we would, as Baby thought I was the all-night diner. She was over 6 mo and still waking to feed every 2-3 hours. I was at my wit’s end. So we moved her into her own room and she started sleeping through some of the feedings, only eating once overnight now. If I check on her, it is only until I go to bed, and even then I am VERY quiet when I do.

  4. tehamy says:

    Xander is almost 11 months old and I typically check on him once, right before I go to bed. When he was younger, I probably checked on him 2 or 3 times a night.

  5. Larita says:

    My kid got booted because he’s such a light sleeper, my husband’s tossing and turning woke him up all night long before he was even two months old and nobody was getting any sleep. I never checked on him much – he let me know when he was awake and needed me. Now, at 16 months, I check him to make sure he’s covered before I go to bed, but other than that, I don’t dare open his door unless he’s already awake for fear of waking him up. The stinker sleeps like a rock at daycare, sharing a room with other kids, but gets woken up by his door opening at home.

  6. Zoë says:

    I never check on my girls (3½ and 11 mos) because I just know it will wake them up. It’s like they sense a change in the Force or something. Creaky hardwood floors don’t help either. Plus the baby is in a sleep sack, so I know she’s covered up. When my son was a baby, I used to check on him before I went to bed. It was easier in our old house because it had carpet and doors that didn’t squeak.

  7. Sara Joy says:

    Um, apparently I am in the minority because I monitor stalk the crap outa my kids with the video monitor. :)
    Never go in though, they are insanely light sleepers, which is why I was eventually forced to move them from my room. Approximately 10 light years after Cody would have booted them out – I only got away with *that* because my husband was deployed. He would have been just like yours. :)

  8. Tammy says:

    My daughter was “booted” before I was ready….but it’s because she is a big girl….very tall for her age….and she outgrew her bassinet. She has liked to sleep on her tummy since she was nearly 4 months old and the bassinet just didn’t accommodate her flipping over. So, I reluctantly moved her to her crib in her own room (our room barely fit our bedroom furniture so we couldn’t put the crib in there). She still woke up a couple times a night for the first two weeks, then suddenly she was sleeping through the night (until a few weeks ago when she started going through a growth spurt). I check on her before I go to bed if I stay up later than her. If she’s sleeping when I get up in the morning, I check on her again. Other than that, I know she is nice and warm and comfy cozy so unless she is sick, I don’t check on her much.

  9. Jessica says:

    Other than checking on my baby before I go to bed, I have to say I have never really been one to check on her during the night. When she was tiny and brand-new I didn’t feel the need to check on her because I knew I would be up feeding her every 3hrs. and that was more than enough “checking” for me! Can’t imagine waking for night feedings and waking just to check. That’s a whole lot of waking and not enough sleeping.

    Now that she’s older (7 months) and sleeping through the night, I only check on her before I go to bed. I use a baby monitor and turn it up pretty high, though so I feel like I have a sense of what’s happening in there. I have to say, mothers intuition is certainly real and I pretty much count on that. Once, when she was younger she managed to roll and wiggle to the other side of the crib (for the very first time) and pull down a quilt that was folded over the crib railing (way past where even her little feet should have been). The quilt landed on top of her and she kind of gasped a little when it covered her face and just the sound of that gasp on the baby monitor woke me immediately. I literally sat straight up, jumped out of bed, ran to her room and pulled the quilt off seconds after it happened. Ever since then I have felt more confident in trusting that, as a mother, I will sense when something is wrong or when I need to go to her. Besides that, I don’t check too much or worry. :)

  10. Jess says:

    I booted my husband and kept the baby. If he can’t sleep that is his problem. We have the rest of our lives to sleep in the same bed together. Babies only last so long.

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