The Baby Ordered for Me

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It was lunchtime and Vivi and I were walking through the Denver International Airport looking for something to eat. Since she demands to eat anything I’m eating, she ended up ordering for me. Our choices were pizza, cheeseburgers, fried chicken, Chinese or ice cream. I had a pouch of baby food that Vivi had no problem devouring but I knew she was going to want more.

As I walked up to the Chinese option I had my eye on the chow mein and saucy chicken. Then I looked down at Vivi and she convinced me that wasn’t the way to go.

Steamed veggies and grilled chicken with vegetables ended up winning. It certainly wasn’t the stuff she’s used to eating at home, but it was better than what I would have ordered if it had only been me eating it. I kept having flashbacks to the dozens of TV shows I’ve watched where they expose just how many calories and what goes into making restaurant food. The only food I want to be able to enjoy in complete ignorance is a big bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo.

Vivi has changed the way we eat out, despite us always being prepared with things for her to eat, we still take into consideration “What can the baby eat?” (which is why we ended up at a salad bar last month) As we consider what the baby can eat, we’ve all started eating a little better, now that we’re sharing everything with her (albeit most of the time against our will, those big blue eyes, they always win.)

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