The Bean is Weaned

Little Bean at Lunch Yesterday

I haven’t nursed Little Bean since Monday. I thought I’d be a little more emotional about it but the truth is, I don’t mind. I loved nursing both my boys but by 6 months I’m pretty much done with it and so are they. Neither one asked, missed, cried or even seemed to notice when we stopped. If they did I’d continue a little longer but honesty, I think they like food too much!

As you may have noticed from our Baby Food Adventures, he’s taken to solids pretty well. I mix some dry formula in with most meals to supplement his diet and I have enough frozen breastmilk to give him a glass a day for the next week or two.

He’s pretty much able to eat most things we are, within reason of course. I’ll puree up our protein (chicken, pork, etc) with some veggies and give a single grain cereal on the side. So far it’s been working well and I like that he’s been exposed to quite a few flavors and textures. Just wait until you see our latest adventure! Let’s just say he’s quite expressive when given a strong veggie like red peppers. I hope to prep all the pictures this weekend.

I know many people nurse well beyond 6 months but for me it’s always seemed like a natural wean point, and I must admit, I’m happy to have my body 100% back.