The Best Christmas Gift I Could Have Ever Received


Spending Christmas with my family this year was so special. Avery is at such a fun age and has been playing with her new toys all day long (more on Avery’s first Christmas in my next post!) But it seems that Avery had the best Christmas present for the family and she saved it for the very last part of the day.

Avery has been early (according to her pediatrician) on many of her milestones. For this teeny little girl, she sure does know how to move from place to place. She was crawling right at six months and began cruising a couple of weeks after that. This girl loves to move. So much so that it’s hard to keep her still.

Last month Avery learned how to stand unassisted, but only for a few seconds. Last week she actually started to stand on her own from getting up off the floor. She was so proud of herself as she stood there for minutes on end. She knew that she had done something really big and she was happy about it.

Tonight as the family was cuddled up on the couch and Avery was playing on the floor with her toys, she stands up and looks at us. Something on the couch must have looked interesting to her because before I knew it, she took one little step towards the couch. I couldn’t believe it. She’s been so scared to make a step and will always go back to crawling in order to get what she needs. But that wasn’t the case tonight. Of course I had to try to recreate the entire thing over and over again to try to get her to take other steps. The most that she took was two before she lost her balance and fell to the ground. Although only a couple steps, this girl is well on her way to walking!

This was by far the most incredible way to end a wonderful Christmas with my family. Avery saved the best present for last and it was one that the entire family could enjoy!

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