"The Best Day Ever"


This afternoon, the babies and the husband were all napping and Clare (4) and I sat on the porch of our rented beach cottage eating popcicles after an hour of pool fun. She gazed out into the street and wistfully declared “This is the best day ever.” Couldn’t you just melt?

We are on our first family vacation. Like a real family vacation, where we packed up the car and traveled to a relaxing destination with no obligations. We are just here, just the 5 of us, eating, swimming, playing, and endlessly… packing and unpacking beach gear.

Destin, Florida is pretty much a ghost town with school back in session but we couldn’t be happier. We have the beach to ourselves. The streets are empty and safe. We own the community pool. The weather is in the 90’s and the ocean is warm. And the sand here!?! It truly is like sugar!

I could just sit on that beach chair with my sleeping boy forever. But I feel like I should ask, is there anything we need to do here? Anything we have to eat or see? Otherwise, really, I might just sit there snuggling for the next 4 days.


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