The Cat's In The Cradle

Sure, he looks sweet and innocent here.

It seems that I have a small problem on my hands.

A problem of the feline variety.

Frankly I don’t know what to do about this problem, short of “accidentally” leaving the back door open to allow somebody to wander out.

You see, my problem is that the cat will NOT stay out of the baby’s crib. Or the bassinet. Or the Pack ‘n’ Play.

On more than one occasion he has jumped each of those three places when the baby was in there sleeping.

Not cool, cat.

When the boys go to bed at night I pull the door shut to the point where there is just a small crack open. Next thing I know the door is creaking open from the cat who insists on going in the room to paw/swat  at the sleeping baby and/or leap into the crib. If I shoo the cat out of the room nine times, he will try to get in there ten.

I swear he does it to taunt me.

So, how do I keep the cat out? What can I do to make him understand that he needs to let sleeping babies lie?

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