The Challenge of Shopping Post Maternity


Once upon a time, I could walk into a store, pick up a shirt and a pair of pants, try them on in the dressing room, pay and be on my way. NO BIG THING. But ever since I had my second child, shopping for clothes has gotten a little more complicated.

Not that I’ve tried— who has the time?

The list of requirements I have for each item of clothing is so long, I’d have to write it all down before I could talk to a salesperson. Tops can’t be too short, pants can’t be too tight, shoes can’t be too high and that says nothing about what’s required to make my boobs easily accessible for breastfeeding.

I’ve got a closet full of clothes and absolutely nothing to wear, so I can’t imagine I’d fare that much better at a clothing store.

All this is even more complicated by the fact that I am going back to work soon. It’s enough to emotionally prepare yourself without worrying about your outfit. I’m afraid the “mommy uniform” and trying to look somewhat cool at my NYC ad job do not mix. And I don’t think anybody is going to buy that yoga pants paired with a men’s button down pajama top is the latest trend.

How might it go if I attempted shopping post maternity? I’ve scripted the experience in three simple acts. Continue reading here…

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