The Dirty Details of Diapering


baby-cloth-diaperBefore I was even pregnant, I knew I would be cloth diapering my baby. It made the most sense financially and environmentally. Halfway through my pregnancy, I exhausted hours of research to find the best options for cloth diapering. I determined which style diaper I wanted to use and came up with a pretty good method. However, since Wolf was born he’s worn only 1 cloth diaper and here’s why:

When we first brought Wolf home from the hospital we bought a few packs of disposable diapers to help us get into a diapering routine. They were really snazzy with a yellow line on the front that turned blue when he’d pee. Really good for getting to know what a wet diaper felt like or looked like.

The first time we attempted to put one of the cloth diapers on Wolf was when he was 2 weeks old. I’d inherited a stash of fitted cloth diapers from a friend of mine along with a collection of covers. I’d also bought a few one-size covers with snap in inserts that I’d been planning to use. Naturally, he decided that first experience with a cloth diaper would be a good time to poop. It squirted out both sides of his diaper, simply because it was too big for him! It was a total mess. I think we went through 10 wipes just cleaning him up! Still at 5 weeks old, Wolf’s skinny little body is too tiny for the fitted diapers that we have.

Another factor is that we live in an apartment with coin-op laundry. Our laundry costs have already gone up considerably with the addition of Wolf’s swaddles, clothes and dirty rags. With the addition of cloth diapers as well, we’re weighing our options on starting a diaper service. Once you factor in the cost of laundry and the convenience of the service, it’s really not too much more expensive a week so I’m fairly certain that we’ll go for it. At least until we move into a place with a washing machine & dryer!

I’m curious what your method is if you’re cloth diapering. Do you follow the cold rinse/hot wash/hot dry method? Is it true that cloth diapers tend to have more blowouts? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

{image from baby cloth diapers}

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