The End Is Near


I spoke with one of my colleagues today and got my list of courses and times for the classes I will be teaching next quarter. Classes start in just over three weeks which ultimately dictates when I need to return to work.

Baby H will be just ten weeks old.

I’m not sure I will be ready to go back.

I don’t really have any other option as my job is a really important contribution to the family income. There has never been a time when the option of not returning to work was one I could entertain. I knew when my maternity leave started at the end of August that I would be returning to work in the middle of November. But it is going to be so hard to go back.

I’m sure I will cry. I cried several times on the first day back with my first born. Sure, it gets easier with each passing day, but oh man, those first few are heartbreaking.

Do you think they would notice if I just brought the baby to work with me?