The "Everybody Wants to Snuggle My Baby" Conundrum

irresistible cheeks!

People love babies – obviously, but people in Texas really love babies. Either that, or they are just way more vocal about it. Every time the babe and I go out and about we are stopped every few minutes by strangers that want nothing more than to squeeze and coo at Tate. I get it, I mean have you seen him? Who doesn’t want to kiss his cheeks and tell him how precious he is (their words – not mine). Just because I get it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me feel a little awkward.

I am just waiting for some well meaning stranger to ask to hold my little baby. And then what? Do I tell them directly “No”. Do I deflect? (This method is my personal method of choice.) Do I oblige?

What do you do? What is your stance and stranger baby holding and interactions? Leave your advice below.

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